YouTube Ads Leaderboard Switzerland: Swisscom tops list twice in Q1

Once again, Google publishes the top 5 commercials on YouTube in Switzerland in the past 1st quarter - from January to March 2021. Swisscom tops the list with two videos at rank 1 and 2.

The top 5 advertising videos on YouTube in Switzerland from January to March 2021 are, in descending order:

1. Swisscom: Marco Odermatt - Episode 2: How much digital technology goes along for the ride

2. Swisscom: Swisscom blue TV Sports Quiz - Ski Edition

3. buitoni switzerlandEpisode 1 - We need to talk about YOUR MOTHER

4. audi switzerlandThe Drive of Xavier de Le Rue

5. Digitec: Digitec GIFs illuminate Swiss cities - The Making Of

How does the YouTube Ads Leaderboard ranking come about?

To determine the top 5, YouTube measured the number of views on YouTube advertising videos from Switzerland in Q1 2021. For the ranking, only videos that could show a minimum share of unpaid views were considered. Every quarter, Google publishes those YouTube advertising videos that are particularly popular with YouTube viewers. The ad ranking is determined by an algorithm that takes into account paid and organic views as well as viewer engagement.

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