Wunderman Thompson digitizes tenant communications

With Apleona Real Estate, Zurich-based agency Wunderman Thompson has driven the digital transformation of the real estate industry.

Apleona Real Estate is a real estate service company with ten locations throughout Switzerland that manages around 86,000 rental properties ranging from residential and commercial premises to retail and center space. With the newly created tenant portal, Apleona Real Estate is digitizing communication with tenants and aims to create more transparency. For this purpose, Wunderman Thompson has developed the portal Leona.ch and the robot "Leona", which accompanies users online. In addition, further expansion steps were initiated for the owner user group.


Tenants' needs at the centre

No matter whether the key has been lost, the heating is defective or the current service charge statement is needed: On the user-friendly portal, tenants can find all information about their rental properties at a glance. To use the service, a one-time registration with personal details is required. For optimal communication with tenants, tenant inquiry forms were designed to meet their needs instead of standard forms. To ensure that tenants are always kept up to date during the processing process, the enquiries were given a processing status and integrated into a digital mailbox. In addition, users can manage their personal data themselves and find helpful tips and useful information about their rental property.



Property technology integrated

Behind the contemporary UX interface is intelligently linked technology. The technical challenge was the API integration of OnBase - the enterprise content management system - for all tenant documents. Via this interface, the portal obtains important data such as documents, invoices or attachments and displays them in a user-friendly way. Likewise, all tenant requests are recorded as pending in OnBase. Depending on the volume, the requests run through a simple or complex workflow in the background and are handled in a structured and reliable manner. The portal is based on a content management system so that content such as news and FAQs can be managed. In addition to the portal, an identity server was set up to manage tenant access. The platform is mobile-optimized and was rolled out throughout Switzerland at the end of 2020.

Responsible at Apleona Real Estate: Stefan Studer (Head of IT), Sabrina Hauser (COO), Louisa Bordewieck (Content Marketing Manager), Nathalie Renfer (IT Project Manager), Hans Peter Egloff (CEO, overall responsibility). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Susi Martin (Senior Account Director), Mirco Portmann (Account Director), Rigobert Mihle (Principal Software Engineer), David Suppiger (Senior Software Engineer), Jean-Baptiste Bernus (Senior Software Engineer), Elias Daccarett (Principal Platform Engineer), Diego Martinez (Senior UX Director).

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