Campfire raises awareness for climate justice with quiz

Campfire has created a quiz for Bread for All and Fastenopfer that shows how one's own actions determine the well-being of people in the global South.

"The whole world is affected by climate change. But of all people, the poorer sections of the population in the global South, who contribute least to this consumption-related problem, are already suffering the most from the sometimes life-threatening consequences," explains the Biel-based agency Campfire in its communication on the climate quiz launch. Bread for All and Fastenopfer want to draw attention to this injustice with their ecumenical campaign "Climate Justice - Now!" this year. They are calling on Swiss people to take action with flanking measures - and commissioned Campfire to design and implement a landing page to raise awareness among the younger public.

The agency focused on interactivity and developed a low-threshold climate quiz designed to make users directly aware of the connection between their actions and the consequences in the global South.

At users become protagonists and immerse themselves in everyday scenarios that take them around the world. By means of questions about their own habits and direct answers from people from Brazil, Indonesia and other affected countries, they are shown what influence their actions in the here and now have on the well-being of people in poorer countries. With authentic video messages from the South, the connection to reality is established and the seriousness of the topic becomes tangible.

The individual responses and recommended actions collected during the trip motivate visitors to think about behavioral alternatives and enable them to become active advocates for climate justice.

Video messages like this one from the Philippines were integrated into the quiz.

Responsible at Bread for All and Fastenopfer: Madlaina Lippuner (responsible for communication Ecumenical Campaign Fastenopfer); Christian Bosshard (online communication Bread for All); Mischa von Arb (coordinator Ecumenical Campaign, Fastenopfer and Bread for All). Responsible at Campfire: Dirk Unger (UX Design); Michèle Bash (Conception & Consulting); Andreas Rüst (UI Design), Daniel Vasile (Frontend Development); Patric Martin (Backend Development).

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