Ladina Heimgartner as guest at the second ComSumCast

At the second ComSumCast of ZPV and ZPRG, Reto Lipp meets with Ladina Heimgartner, CEO of the Blick Group and Head of Global Media at Ringier.


Until 2019, Ladina Heimgartner was the head of Rhaeto-Romanic Television and SRG Deputy Director General. Then, in 2020, she moved to Ringier and thus to the private media, where she is now CEO of the Blick Group and Head of Global Media. 

How did Ringier get through the Corona crisis? How is Blick TV doing? Should private media houses receive more state support and do Google, Facebook & Co need to be regulated more? These and other topics were addressed in the ComSumCast with the media manager.


Replacement for the Communication Summit

The ComSumCast is the replacement for the Communication Summit of the Zurich PR Society ZPRG and the Zurich Press Association ZPV. Due to the pandemic, the annual event at ETH Zurich is cancelled. In the monthly podcast, journalist and host Reto Lipp talks to pioneering minds from the media and communications industry about how the Corona pandemic is affecting the industry.

After the conversation with Allianz Head of Communications Hans-Peter Nehmer, this is already the second ComSumCast carried out. The podcast is produced by Christoph Soltmannowski / Tablecast in Studio 57, where the in-house video podcast of m&k and Werbewoche is also recorded "off the record".

The current ComSumCast can now be downloaded from the official website of the Communication Summitfor Spotify or at Apple Podcasts be heard.



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