ComImpact initiative: The communications industry needs more tech expertise

In order to support the communications industry with digitalization, the newly founded association ComImpact is building up a network of experts, holding an annual conference and developing educational offerings. The initiators are Farner Consulting, the HWZ, Media Focus, Mobiliar and Webrepublic, flanked by the professional associations IAB, LSA and SWA.

The founding board of ComImpact: Daniel Jörg, Andreas Jäggi, Tobias Zehnder, Alice Chalupny, Cyril Meier and Ueli Weber (f.o.l.t.r.).

"CommTech" means that organizations use digital tools, techniques and data to build and develop their relationships with all dialog groups. Among other things, this enables far-reaching usage and impact control and thus a new level of efficiency. In specialist literature and teaching, this had been demanded for decades under the catchword "integrated communication"; only now, however, are such demands feasible and controllable thanks to the quantifiable and flexible instruments of accelerated digitization.

On Thursday, the association ComImpact was launched by the founding board. "The initiative wants to contribute to shaping the cooperation between marketing and communications in a contemporary way," Cyril Meier, founding president of ComImpact, was quoted as saying in a statement. "In particular, the environment, objectives and instruments in their growing complexity require sound CommTech competencies." The association sees itself as a network platform for marketing and communications departments of innovative companies, agencies with digital competencies and communications service providers of all kinds.

The first activities of the association include the preparation of the symposium "Key Competence CommTech" on June 10, 2021, as well as a program of evening events for practitioners. Information about the activities of the association is currently provided by the Website.

The founding board of ComImpact:

  • Alice Chalupny (the Mobiliar)
  • Andreas Jäggi (Project Manager)
  • Daniel Jörg (Farner Consulting)
  • Cyril Meier (HWZ)
  • Ueli Weber (Media Focus)
  • Tobias Zehnder (Webrepublic)

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