Spotify AI to detect emotional state from voice

Music streaming service Spotify has filed a patent to create an artificial intelligence that will detect users' emotional state based on their voice and recommend music accordingly. The system is also supposed to detect users' age, gender and accent, replacing written information.


"In the future, an algorithm will definitely actively recognize emotions based on a voice. An AI can learn a lot from a single individual. This makes it surprisingly easy for an algorithm to identify differences in emotional state. The question is how it responds. The system has to decide how to fulfill the user's wishes based on emotions alone," explains digitalization expert Frank Eilers when asked by the news portal Press release.

According to the patent, the AI should even be able to recognize the context in which Spotify is being used, for example at a party or when users are alone at home. Spotify sees great potential in this feature to accurately assess users' music tastes without requiring any written input from them.


Many new Spotify patents

In addition to voice recognition, Spotify has also patented other applications in recent months. Among them is a karaoke feature that allows users to combine a piece of music with their own singing. Another future application is aimed at joggers and adjusts the speed of the music to the running pace. (pte)

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