Six-second advertising more effective on the web

Online video ads that are only six seconds long often achieve a better result than longer ones. Shorter ads can increase the popularity of brands just as much as those that follow the usual standard of 15 seconds. This is the finding of a study by Magna Global, the IPG Media Lab and Snapchat.


"In the early days of short video ads, clips were more effective at attracting attention and less effective at persuading customers. Today, in contrast, both short and long ads have an impact on the buying process. This could be largely due to the increasing amount of short, high-quality Internet content," the study says.

The analysts used more than 7,700 U.S. consumers and showed them different video campaigns of varying lengths. They then studied the impact of the ads. They focused primarily on how the ads influence the desire to buy something as well as the preference for a brand.


Information in a few seconds

Six-second ads increased purchase intent by an average of five percent, while the figure was only four percent for 15-second ads. Brand preference increased by nine percent for short videos and ten percent for longer content.

Modern social media applications increasingly rely on brevity. TikTok in particular, or Instagram and Snapchat with their stories, get their messages across in just a few seconds. That's why users are even more likely to perceive videos that are 15 seconds long as annoying. According to the analysts, the challenge of packing all the important information into six seconds is significantly greater, but such ads can have a strong impact on customers. (pte)

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