Google Year in Search: These were the top topics in 2020 in Switzerland

One topic clearly dominated 2020: Coronavirus. The global pandemic has changed and influenced the lives of people worldwide. But according to the Google Year in Review, other moments and topics also accompanied Switzerland - from the explosions in Beirut to the Black Lives Matter movement. 


General search terms

The global pandemic is the number one search term of the year in Switzerland. No other topic moved people as much as the coronavirus. The US elections follow in second place. Searches for "weather tomorrow" experienced an all-time high in the Swiss vacation year.

  1. Coronavirus Switzerland
  2. US Elections 2020
  3. Weather tomorrow
  4. Kobe Bryant
  5. Joe Biden
  6. Coop at Home
  7. iPhone 12
  8. Zoom
  9. Dow Jones
  10. PlayStation 5


Since "Coronavirus" dominated the lists like seldom a topic before, Google Switzerland has created an additional list of search queries related to Corona this year.

  1. Coronavirus
  2. BAG
  3. Coronavirus Tips
  4. Coronavirus News
  5. Corona Data
  6. Corona symptoms
  7. BAG List
  8. FOPH media release
  9. Federal Council Switzerland
  10. Quarantine List Switzerland

Personalities Switzerland

Darius Rochebin, the former presenter of RTS television in western Switzerland, moved the minds of the Swiss. The other podium places are occupied by two personalities associated with the Corona pandemic: Alain Berset and "Mister Corona" Daniel Koch.

  1. Darius Rochebin
  2. Alain Berset
  3. Daniel Koch
  4. Erika Hess
  5. Elena Miras
  6. Ueli Steck
  7. Marc Hirschi
  8. Hausi Leutenegger
  9. Andy Hug
  10. Jason Bruegger

Personalities International 

People in Switzerland were interested in the newly elected US President Joe Biden. He is the number one "trending" international personality of the year. The other top places are also dominated by politicians: Kim Jong Un takes second place, followed in turn by the new U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris. Two actors, Tom Hanks and Joaquin Phoenix, also made it into the top 10.

  1. Joe Biden
  2. Kim Jong Un
  3. Kamala Harris
  4. Boris Johnson
  5. Melania Trump
  6. Tom Hanks
  7. Laura miller
  8. Kanye West
  9. Joaquin Phoenix
  10. Dietmar Hopp


Even though the coronavirus caused quite a stir, there were numerous other topics that made the headlines this year. Economic topics are represented here with Wirecard as well as the movement on "Black Lives Matter".

  1. Coronavirus
  2. US Elections 2020
  3. Zoom
  4. Kim Jong Un
  5. Beirut
  6. Wirecard
  7. Echinaforce
  8. Darius Rochebin
  9. Short-time work Switzerland
  10. Black Lives Matter

The questions of 2020

In the search for answers to everyday and not so everyday questions, not only individual terms are entered into the Google search, but also entire questions. Many of these are also characterized by the theme of Corona this year.

How-to questions:   

  1. How many Corona cases in Switzerland?
  2. How long does Corona last?
  3. How many countries does the world have?
  4. What is my IP?
  5. How many inhabitants does Switzerland have?
  6. How long is Corona contagious?
  7. How does Twint work?
  8. How many weeks are in a year?
  9. Coronavirus how much longer?
  10. How long does flu last?


  1. What is short-time work?
  2. What does emergency mean?
  3. What to do wasp sting?
  4. What does Lockdown mean?
  5. What does curfew Switzerland mean?
  6. What is a pandemic?
  7. What is ammonium nitrate?
  8. What is a Billabong?
  9. What is sour cream?
  10. What is Tiktok?


  1. When will the borders open again?
  2. When is Black Friday 2020?
  3. At what point does one have a fever?
  4. When is Halloween 2020?
  5. When will the Federal Council provide information?
  6. When do I have to go into quarantine?
  7. When is the full moon?
  8. When will it be possible to fly again?
  9. When do the schools open again in Switzerland?
  10. Flu vaccination 2020 from when?

Do it yourself

In a year in which we all spent a lot of time at home, there was an increased search for recipes. The Swiss were looking for recipes for pizza dough and yeast, but also for instructions on how to make sushi or hamburgers themselves. Likewise, many Swiss wanted to know how to make disinfectant and Advent calendars themselves.

  1. Make disinfectant yourself
  2. Make pizza dough yourself
  3. Make yeast yourself
  4. Advent calendar make yourself
  5. Make yogurt yourself
  6. Make pizza yourself
  7. Make sushi yourself
  8. Make slime yourself
  9. Make hamburger yourself
  10. Make gnocchi yourself


Movie hits such as Platzspitzbaby and Parasite were the talk of the town this year. Films such as Black Panther or Contagion also rose in favor among seekers.

  1. Platzspitz baby
  2. 365 Days
  3. Parasite
  4. Tenet
  5. Black Panther
  6. Contagion
  7. Enola Holmes
  8. 1917
  9. Bad Boys 3
  10. The Old Guard


Basketball star Kobe Bryant died in a tragic accident with his daughter and other people at the beginning of the year. A farewell that deeply touched people worldwide and also in Switzerland. Equally moving were the events surrounding George Floyd, which triggered the Black Lives Matter movement worldwide. With the media personality Mike Shiva and the ski racer Doris De Agostini, two Swiss personalities are also represented in this list.

  1. Kobe Bryant
  2. Naya Rivera
  3. George Floyd
  4. Sean Connery
  5. Chadwick Boseman
  6. Mike Shiva
  7. Doris De Agostini
  8. Kirk Douglas
  9. Gigi Proietti
  10. Caroline Flack


Google determines the trends of the year by evaluating trillions of search queries that users have made over the course of the year. Our tools can never be used to identify individual users and their interests; they are based on anonymized, aggregated data that records how often certain terms were searched for over time.

All lists shown are "trending searches", i.e. the most strongly rising search terms of the year. These are terms for which the relevant search queries have recorded a particularly strong increase in search interest in 2020 for a sustained phase compared to the previous year. These ascending terms are then sorted in descending order according to search interest in the respective phase.

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