Instagram allows direct brand PR on influencer accounts

The social media platform Instagram now allows brands to advertise themselves on influencers' accounts. Until now, stars on the platform could only create their own content for brands. Now they can also simply have their sponsors advertise their products on their behalf.

Brand advertising in influencer accounts: sponsors can place ads directly - social media stars don't have to do anything. (Image: Unsplash/Solen Feyissa)

"This measure makes the influencer marketing process much simpler. Brands have less effort and more control as a result, while influencers can fulfill their contracts without having to create a lot of their own content. However, the ads still have to be published in coordination with each other, because they have to fit the image of the social media stars," explains social media expert Karim Bannour in an interview with the news portal Press release.

Influencers still have control over what content ends up on their accounts. Companies must send them a request and the social web celebrities must grant them access to their accounts so they can play the ads. Whenever an ad is played, influencers receive a notification and can delete it if necessary.


Sponsorship also in Instagram Reels

In addition to advertising in influencer accounts, Instagram also wants to offer brands other ways to promote their products. For example, sponsored posts are also allowed for videos in Instagram Reels and for livestreams in Instagram Live. With this measure, the Facebook subsidiary wants to keep up with its competitor TikTok. (pte)

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