"Implementing a digital event is not easy"

The new format of the Habegger Academy starts on Monday with the webinar on "Planning & Staging Digital Events". In the free online seminar, interested parties can learn from experts what types of digital events there are, how to plan them professionally and how to stage them skillfully. In particular, the differences in the planning and conception of digital events compared to physical events will be discussed. m&k asked Habegger CEO Jürg Schwarz for details in advance.


m&kMr. Schwarz, tell us briefly how the new format of the Habegger Academy came about.

Jürg Schwarz: The interest in and demand for digital events are currently huge. However, the knowledge and experience is still missing with a large part of the customers. With the new digital format of the Habegger Academy, the webinar, we now give all interested parties the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge and thus acquire more know-how for digital productions.


On Monday, the webinar on "Planning & Staging Digital Events" will take place. What content is particularly important there?

In our livestream, we want to show our audience what types of digital events exist and what communication opportunities they open up. We want to make our audience aware of how a digital event is structured and what rules it follows. A live event cannot be transferred 1:1 to the digital stage. That is an important concern for us. We also let the audience look behind the scenes of our studio production and give them tips on how the online viewer can be emotionally and partly unconsciously controlled by means of dramaturgy, music and colors. Finally, we go into the concrete planning of such an event.


Who is the seminar aimed at?

To anyone who is planning a digital event or wants to learn more about it. Whether you're a marketing manager, event planner, CEO assistant or HR employee.


How is the online seminar structured?

The online seminar is structured as an interactive livestream. In short: The audience can and should actively participate by means of interaction tools. The livestream embodies everything we propagate in our webinar. It is to serve as an example right away.


How long does the seminar last?

45 minutes.


You also offer two breakout sessions, tell me, what are they and what can people learn there?

On the one hand, we offer our audience a look behind the scenes of studio production. The digitally present audience will be guided live through the control rooms, learn about job descriptions and experience first-hand what technical and human resources a digital event requires. In the other breakout session, participants learn how dramaturgy, music and colors can be used to consciously and sometimes subconsciously control emotions. This opens up a multitude of design possibilities.

The Habegger webinar will be moderated by Sandhya Mirajkar, Creation Consultant, and Samuel Röthlisberger, Creative Director.

Interested parties can register at Habegger.ch register for the webinar.

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