Ewz and TBS relaunch "Powernewz" digital magazine

Ewz relaunches the content platform "powernewz" with a data-driven editorial concept and a fresh design. TBS developed the content and visual concept.


The energy industry is in a state of upheaval, and Ewz, the electricity company of the city of Zurich, wants to play an active role in shaping this change. The content strategy newly developed for this purpose takes into account all Ewz market and stakeholder requirements. Social relevance was chosen as the most important yardstick for the redesign of the platform. Powernewz.ch defined. 

The goal is to make the multifaceted ewz brand experience a digital experience via relevant content. This means reversing the inside-out approach even more consistently and focusing more consistently on the interests of readers based on data. For editorial planning, usage data and interests are matched with strategically important topics and projects from Ewz.


Variety of topics and contemporary look

The result is a new kind of online magazine with an editorial concept that has transformed itself from a former specialist blog into a theme-setting magazine for sustainability and innovation. 

TBS developed the new content and visual concept for it. The magazine was also reorganized editorially and a team of freelance journalists, photographers and illustrators from Switzerland, Austria and New York was put together.


Data-based article planning, target group-centered playout

For topic planning, user data is compared with the topics defined as strategically relevant. Relevance and quality of the content are continuously tracked and improved in order to support the achievement of objectives and to build audiences. The content is adapted to the target group and channel and played out individually for each advertising channel. Their success is measured by means of performance and A/B tests, which also allows conclusions to be drawn about other ewz campaigns and cost optimization. 


Build and inspire readership

Content and technical search engine optimization should continuously improve organic visibility in order to provide interested parties with the right answers to their questions - and of course to reduce ad spending. A targeted promotion of articles via the company's own social media channels as well as via programmatic and search ads should also increase the reach of the content. 

The result is a content data machine that also permanently supplies the new Ewz newsroom with relevant topic interests and audience insights. 

Responsible at Ewz: Esther Peter (Content Specialist & Editorial Director), Eva-Maria Boretti (Conception). Responsible Agency: TBS Brand Partner. Programming: KiloKilo.

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