Heads removes web barriers for Martin Foundation

Back in 2012, Heads developed a new website for the Martin Foundation in Erlenbach. Now it was time to update the website and use new possibilities. In the process, barriers were removed to make it easier for people with impairments to use the web.


The new website Martin-foundation.ch was given a modern appearance and - like the entire communication of the Martin Foundation - should appear lively, cheerful and dynamic. In line with the claim developed by Heads: "Different with a view". With a landing page in easy language, it is barrier-free for dyslexics and also facilitates use for other handicaps. It uses particularly simple wording, larger font and icons as menu items. Users can also have sections read aloud to them.

Throughout the website, strong color contrasts help people with color perception disorder. The website is designed for mobile devices and offers the extensive content clearly with a clear structure and accordion system.


Responsible at the Martin Foundation: Cinzia Sartorio (Marketing & Communication Manager), Miriam Eckert (Marketing & Communication Assistant). Responsible at Heads Corporate Branding: Marco Simonetti (web architecture and web design), Natascha Almeida (consulting), Roman von Arx (production). Web Programming: Daniel Schmidt (Prismalogix). Photography: Torvioll Jashari.

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