New startup "Digital go" dedicated to digital transformation of SMEs

Founded in 2020, the startup "Digital go" takes the view that digitalization should not be presented as a panacea for the modern economy. Rather, the three founders behind Digital go see a world full of new possibilities. They are dedicated to exploring these possibilities and opportunities and making the process of digital transformation as simple, profitable and efficient as possible for their customers.


The founders of Digital Go: Pascal Kaeser, Oliver Kuhn and Marco Kohler (l.t.r.)

Digitization is on everyone's lips. Not infrequently, it is associated with a complex, lengthy process. Nevertheless, digitization seems to be indispensable in today's market, which can cause headaches for one or the other managing director. 

The founders of "Digital go" see things quite differently. The recently founded startup is dedicated to the digital transformation of SMEs, but nevertheless clearly contradicts the "digitalization as a fad": "Our goal is not to digitalize the world of SMEs as much as possible - our goal is rather to recognize the opportunities and possibilities that open up thanks to digitalization, especially for SMEs, and to exploit them individually for each customer," explains Marco Kohler, co-founder of Digital go. To do this, they use their own analysis tool and adapt to the goals of their customers.


Diversity in divisions and partner network

The three founders, Marco Kohler, Oliver Kuhn and Pascal Kaeser, bring with them many years of experience in the areas of marketing, sales, HR marketing & employer branding. Together they have an extensive network of qualitative and specialized partners, which they can now draw on especially in the strategy and implementation phase. 

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