#MoMaKo20: Hybrid Event for Mobile Marketing

Last week, #MoMaKo20 was one of the first industry events since the start of the Corona pandemic. At the Giesserei Oerlikon and "hybrid" via livestream, guests learned which trends are becoming important in mobile marketing.

An industry event in Corona times - can it work? Many Swiss companies and associations are currently asking themselves this question. Last week, the Institute for Media and Communication Management at the University of St. Gallen and smama-The Swiss Mobile Association dared to take a step forward: They wanted to set a positive example and held their #MoMaKo20 against all odds at the Giesserei Oerlikon. Various security precautions were taken on site; at the same time, interested parties who preferred to stay in their home offices had the opportunity to follow the events online via live streaming.

Natalie Schönbächler from Switzerland Tourism gave a presentation on her organization's current Instagram campaign.

Trends in mobile marketing

Either way, it was worth checking out: Experts from the field spoke about how they market their brands in social media. Lisa Rennefahrt, who is responsible for the social media presence of Glattzentrum, kicked things off. She relies on TikTok to address a young target group, raise awareness of the shopping center's offerings, and position employees as experts. Natalie Schönbächler from Switzerland Tourism told how the multi-stage campaign to revitalize the national travel industry on Instagram was realized; TikTok star Young Gustav spoke about creativity and ways to monetize one's TikTok presence. This was followed by workshops that went into more depth on individual aspects of mobile marketing.

TikTok creator Young Gustav answered Prof. Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva's questions.

Learnings from the conference

The organizer of #MoMaKo20, Prof. Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, was satisfied with the hybrid form of the event at the end: "Although we were missing participants from industries that were always present in previous years - such as the media or retail - the implementation itself worked well.

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