Music industry sales to double by 2030

Although the Corona crisis is also weighing on the music industry, in the long term the sector can look forward to healthy revenue growth, as an analysis by Goldman Sachs shows.


According to the study, global revenues are expected to climb to $142 billion in as little as ten years - nearly double the 2019 result. Growth will be driven primarily by the streaming market, which is expected to reach around 1.2 billion customers by 2030.


Strong rebound effect expected

"Music industry revenues are likely to slump by as much as 25 percent globally in fiscal 2020," CNBC quotes from the US investment bank's analysis. "It's expected to hit the live music sector particularly hard," where many rescheduled dates and concert cancellations are expected due to the ongoing Corona threat. "There could be a 75 percent drop in sales here this year," explain the Goldman Sachs experts.

However, the poorer short-term performance would be offset overall by an extremely positive longer-term outlook. "We expect a strong rebound effect driven by long-lasting growth in streaming offers, a general increase in demand for music content and live events as well as new opportunities in licensing and conducive regulatory conditions," the assessment says.


Major labels as the main beneficiaries

According to Goldman Sachs, global music industry revenues will rise to $142 billion by the end of the decade, up 84 percent from the corresponding 2019 figure, which settled at $77 billion. By then, the online market for streaming services is expected to reach 1.2 billion users - that would be almost four times as many paying customers as in the previous year (341 million users).

The US analysts identify major labels such as Universal Music Group and Sony Music in particular as the main beneficiaries of this clear long-term upward trend. "The platforms of these companies benefit most from the streaming boom and its huge amounts of customer data. However, competition is likely to intensify here as well," the report says. (pte)

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