Ads&Figures creates new campaign mechanics for

For, the Ads&Figures agency created a new campaign mechanic for social media based on the multichannel approach. Potential customers are accompanied on social channels throughout the entire customer journey - and not just on parts of it. The new strategy thus combines various sub-goals: From branding to sale.

The newly implemented campaign structure is based on the analysis of existing data sets of Gift The current setup of the social media channels was assessed and the potential identified. With the insights gained, Ads&Figures then developed a new concept together with The overriding goal was to reduce acquisition costs for new customers and increase profitability with existing customers.

"The social media channels are strategically significant for us as a company. The concept presented by Ads&Figures after a workshop was very logical and, above all, it promised increased internal efficiency. In the meantime, we are working with the new campaign structure on a daily basis. The first results are promising," says Regina Ellmann, CMO at

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