20 Minuten with a new digital presence

After 13 months of development, the entire digital world of 20 Minuten has a new look, replacing an 18-year-old platform. After the launch of the beta version in November 2019, user feedback was actively incorporated into the final development work, following the example of "Lean Start-up".


A 25-strong team from 20 Minuten, TX Group, Notch Interactive and other partners are responsible for the development of the new responsive website.  

The new 20 Minuten website offers the community its own video portal with new video formats in addition to the daily news. In addition, the 20 Minuten radio offering is fully integrated, consisting of several podcasts and five dedicated channels. This offer is continuously supplemented with new content. In addition, the new lifestyle world will have a large presence on the front as of September, replacing the current integration of Friday. 

In the coming weeks and months, more features will be added on an ongoing basis. The users will be informed about the live ticker App.20min.ch informed about new releases on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, constructive feedback from the readership is taken into account for the next developments in the process. "This new form of collaboration enables 20 minutes to achieve shorter 'time to market' times and 20 minutes thus gains in agility. In the future, we will be able to react faster to new user needs and develop new features accordingly," says Sven Ruoss, Chief Product Officer.

The launch will be accompanied by a national 360-degree campaign from 6 May. In collaboration with the lead agency Rod Kommunikation, a high value was placed on topicality in the development of the subjects. The campaign playfully links current events with the place where the news is consumed.

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