Q-Rated: Brands Are Live launches radio app for music lovers

In the new music app Q-Rated, artists and music creators compile the music they recommend via their own stations according to the motto "Quality Rated Radio". The service is free and comes without classic advertising interruptions. Users can access music immediately and don't even have to register.


In terms of content Q-Rated address a music-savvy target group that feels at home in an urban environment and in the subculture. Electro, indie, hip-hop, soul, jazz and world music set the tone. Various prominent representatives of these genres, such as the musician Kalabrese or Dominic Whalley from the English band Jungle, have been recruited for the event. Young artists such as the Zurich vocal prodigy Naomie Lareine or music experts from the STRG.studio label will also be taking part.

The new Swiss radio app is operated by Brands Are Live. The Swiss company has been developing innovations and technologies in the online audio sector for several years and accompanies brands and radios into the future.

"With Q-Rated, we are creating a new form of radio, not only technologically but also in terms of content. In contrast to the classic model, we are not relying on a head of music, but are seeking diversity through the involvement of different musicians and experts. I am very pleased that we were able to inspire Bank Cler to invest in this offering with us," says Jan Müller, CEO of Brands Are Live.

Q-Rated does without classic advertising interruptions between the song. The exclusivity gives the sponsor Bank Cler the opportunity to stand out visually and with content. This is not intended to interrupt the enjoyment of the music. The application is available as a mobile app as well as a web player and starts with 16 stations. The offer will be continuously expanded over the coming months.

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