Jung von Matt/play creates more with "Stay Home Video" at home

With "Stay Home Video," Jung von Matt/play offers video solutions for moving image projects that are difficult or impossible to implement in the current situation. A first project has already been implemented with the Diederik winery.

Jung von Matt/Play

The winery Diederik has adapted its delivery offer to the Corona crisis - but how best to communicate this in times when it is difficult to produce new photos and video material? Together with Jung von Matt/play and the "Stay Home Video" offer, an up-to-date and relevant advertising clip was realized. The focus is on the vintage wine Plan B, which was created in the frost year 2017 - and whose name is more topical than ever. So Michael Kindermanns (Managing Director) filmed new video footage of the vintage wine in his home studio, which was edited and finalized in the Home Edit Studios by Valentina Buoli (Editor) and Matthias Fasnacht (Managing Director).


Adapt and use experience

"As a creative and productive mind, you are constantly thinking about what you can do for your clients in the current situation. We are a strategic consulting company that has all the proven remote production tools as well as our own film equipment and the necessary know-how to develop customized solutions for our clients. Based on this experience, we came up with the idea of 'Stay Home Videos'," says Michael Kindermann, Managing Director of Jung von Matt/play.


Fast, uncomplicated and socially distanced

With "Stay Home Video", the video marketing agency Jung von Matt/play offers a video service with which clients receive realized video products quickly and easily. All work steps can be carried out separately by Jung von Matt/play employees - social distancing is fully maintained. The offer can be used for animated videos as well as for life action products.


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