Xeit and Blick launch online game "Käferazzi

In the new Blick online game, it's not paparazzi who are hunting celebrities, but Blick readers who are hunting the Blick beetle. The game "Käferazzi" was developed by the Zurich social agency Xeit and was launched on Tuesday.


Since Tuesday can View-readers can hunt for beetles online and thus take part in the sweepstakes or win an instant prize. Xeit realized the conception and creation of the game. "Käferazzi" will be played out on Blick.ch for about 4 weeks and is aimed at all View-Blick.ch readers and potential new readers. The aim of the game is to discover and photograph the ladybug in a crowd of cars, people and animals.

Responsible at Blick Group: Nicolas Pernet (Head of Publishing & New Business); Alexander Strehler (Head of Marketing Sales); Vera Baltensperger (Project Manager Marketing Sales); Jacqueline Schraner (Project Manager Marketing Sales). Responsible at Xeit: Cédric Voirol (project management); Patricia Brkic-Gyger (overall project management); Andrea Iltgen (consulting); Wim Lanz (creation).

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