Ford develops virtual racing car together with gaming community

Under the project name "Team Fordzilla P1", Ford is inviting computer gamers to participate in the development of a virtual racing car. With this campaign, the company wants to demonstrate its customer-centric design thinking in the digital world.

Fordzilla Logo1

Ford's first virtual racing car is being created from scratch and not based on an existing model series. The people involved in the design of the car include the respective captains of Ford's existing five Fordzilla e-sports teams from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, which Ford launched last year.

The Ford of Europe design team is also interested in further contacts within the gaming community. "Developing a racing car for the virtual world with no taboos is where the gloves come off and the design team can really let their imagination run wild. The input of experienced gamers is also crucial in ensuring that it will be the most desirable car to choose from," says Amko Leenarts, Director Design at Ford of Europe.

The designers want to involve the entire gaming community in the creative process, for example through a series of Twitter polls posted by @TeamFordzilla. Each poll relates to key design attributes, from the engine to the cockpit shape, which gamers can help decide on.

Ford's progressive, human-centered design approach is intended to ensure that the driver's perspective is taken into account at every step of the development process. Work on the project will begin in mid-March and can be followed via @TeamFordzilla on Twitter and Instagram channels.

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