Swisscom TV and Netflix expand strategic partnership

Swisscom and the streaming service Netflix are teaming up. On Monday, Swisscom launches the combination offer Swisscom TV X, which brings together classic TV and Netflix.


The industry leader wants to bring classic television and the increasingly important streaming closer together, as the telco company writes in a statement. "Switzerland watches three hours of television a day - and streaming providers already account for one hour of that. Swisscom is therefore bringing the best of both worlds to the same box and the same remote control," said Dirk Wierzbitzki, head of private customers and member of the Group Executive Board. To achieve this, Swisscom has integrated an interface that allows Netflix shows to be displayed on the same interface as TV content.

Swisscom TV X is available in two variants from Monday. For 50 francs a month, Swisscom says there are several hundred channels, 1200 hours of recording, 7 days of replay and Netflix Standard in HD, which can be streamed from two devices simultaneously. For an extra 5 francs, there is Netflix UHD and the ability to stream from four different devices simultaneously.

Swisscom customers who already have a Netflix account can transfer it to the new Swisscom subscription without having to switch accounts.

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