Mainland makes the new world of work a game for EY

Office climate activist, WhatsApp poet or gut feeling follower? In the game "Skillset or Mindset?", which Festland developed for EY, you can find the job that best matches your own mindset.


The world of work is no longer just about credentials. In the new reality, individual desires and values play the main role.

"Skillset or Mindset" premiered at Digital Day and is a game that calls for agility: multiple-choice questions about life and work appear on a 3 x 2 meter LED screen. Within seconds, players must choose an answer emoji by moving to the corresponding floor marker. Depending on the emoji chosen, a matching future job is generated at the end.

Festland came up with the idea, text, design and code for the game. The booth was realized in cooperation with Peter Schalch. For the digital day, Festland also created job buttons, postcards, shirts and badges. Companies can learn more about the business answers with which EY makes the leap into the digital mindset world possible at

The event concept ties in with the global "Better Questions" campaign and is part of the "New Reality Movement" strategic platform that Festland and EY have developed for the DACH markets. 


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