Jung von Matt/Limmat: Parquet goes digital

Together with Jung von Matt/Limmat, Bauwerk is revolutionising the distribution channel for parquet flooring. In a digital ecosystem, customers are accompanied from inspiration to purchase: With parquet finder, guide price offers and lead management system for dealers. The project is a master candidate at Best of Swiss Web 2019.


Sealed, naturally oiled, oak or maple? Questions that most people ask themselves at most once in a lifetime. And if they do, then often in a parquet sales outlet far away from the actual manufacturers. For this reason, the parquet professional Bauwerk relies on a comprehensive digital solution to revolutionize the distribution channel of parquet and to strengthen customer loyalty.

Digital ecosystem 

At the heart of the implementation, for which Jung von Matt/Limmat was fully responsible, is a Responsive Websitewhich gives customers the opportunity to use a parquet finder to find the right parquet for them and to create indicative price offers. At the same time, dealers get the chance to manage their orders via a lead management system. "This creates a comprehensive digital ecosystem that ties Bauwerk's value chain even more closely to the brand," says René Schwarz, Chief Experience Officer at Jung von Matt/Limmat

Transparent, customer-centric and nominated

With the developed solution, the digital transformation in the parquet business has arrived. While publishing installed end customer prices on manufacturer websites was previously unthinkable, Bauwerk enables a transparent and fast calculation of prices and expenses with the guide price calculator. Service Design Thinking and Customer Centricity are creatively and efficiently implemented with the new online presence. Best of Swiss Web 2019 nominated the project as a master candidate in March (Werbewoche.ch reported). "We are very pleased about the nomination because it underlines the innovative digitalization approach of the project," commented René Schwarz in a statement. 


Responsible at Bauwerk Parkett: Pia Heule (Director of Marketing), Rebekka Raff (Communication Manager digital Marketing and PR). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Hanja Heuss (Creative Direction), Michelle Danilschenko (Art Direction, UX, Concept), Christian Koop (Digital Production Director), Paolo Marioni (Digital Strategy), Jan Rohleder (Project Management, Concept), René Schwarz (Chief Experience Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt/impact: Philipp Bühler, Benjamin Herz. External partners: Jung von Matt/180HB, Warsaw (development), Aioma (end customer database), Astina (middleware).

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