Swiss AdWords know-how for the world's most popular CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world with over 60 million installations. Almost every third website runs on this platform. Zurich-based AdWords agency Wortspiel recently conducted an audit of's global AdWords advertising campaigns - a complex and challenging task.


The goal was to increase the number of new customers for the WordPress-owned hosting plan and increase profitability.

Phu Bui, Digital Marketing Manager for, says of the result, "I'm thrilled with the thorough audit of our AdWords campaigns that Wortspiel conducted for us. It motivated me to take a closer look at many levers."

Stefan Vetter, founder and CEO of Wortspiel, adds: "I was particularly excited about this project for two reasons. First, is the first 'unicorn' we've had the opportunity to work for - that's what startups are called that are valued at over $1 billion. For another, Automattic, the company behind, is, to my knowledge, the largest company in the world that relies entirely on remote work. Like us at Wortspiel, all 649 Automattic employees work at the location of their choice - even Automattic's CEO works from a "home office.

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