Ricola moves purposefully into the digital future with new web strategy

YooApplications, digital agency from Basel, remains the lead agency for the conception, realization and maintenance of the global Ricola website. In a pitch for the relaunch of the website, the Basel agency for digital experiences was able to prevail over the other competitors.


The global Ricola website was launched in 2011 and has been continuously developed since then. Today, it covers 16 countries in 11 languages. The ongoing internationalisation increased the complexity of the Ricola presence and made it more difficult for the countries to communicate regionally relevant content via the website.

In a participatory process, YooApplications conducted a comprehensive analysis with Ricola and the country managers on the problems of the existing presence. Based on the resulting findings, a new web strategy was defined with the aim of promoting the use of relevant content more efficiently on a market- and country-specific basis. To achieve this, a modular concept idea for the new web presence was developed and implemented.


"We are taking a modular approach with our concept that communicates the Ricola brand values to consumers in an authentic way and equally meets market and country specific needs," says Sebastian Westhues, Chief Creative Officer of YooApplications.

The individual country presences enable visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and in a targeted manner, while at the same time being able to experience the global Ricola brand world in an interactive and entertaining way.

"In relaunching our website, YooApplications demonstrated a strong understanding of our brand and strategy. In addition, they developed a concept that keeps the entire digital environment in mind, enabling seamless interaction with other channels," says Natalie Koller, Project Manager at Ricola. YooApplications had a strong partner at its side for the conception and technical implementation in the design agency Atelier MUY, which was responsible for creating the visual design.

Responsible at Ricola: Natalie Koller (Project Manager). Responsible at YooApplications: Christian Stöcklin (project management), Sebastian Westhues (conception), Benedikt Funk (technical lead). Responsible at Atelier Muy: Yvi Mahoney (Design), Michael Dier (Design).

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