Responsive creates virtual showroom for designer furniture

A showroom on a high level: With the move of Ambiente Einrichtungskonzepte into the virtual attic apartment of Marty Architektur, the agency Responsive sets another benchmark in visualization technology with virtual reality.


One of the current uses of virtual reality (VR) with the greatest immediate added value is the preview of objects that don't even exist yet. An impressive example of this was already presented by Responsive two years ago, when the agency, as one of the first developers ever, amazed people with its benchmark project of Marty Architecture.

Even then, even before the groundbreaking ceremony for the real construction project, visitors could move independently through the virtual apartment, discover the many loving details or let their gaze wander through the window into the Schwyz valley basin. Many a visitor also gets weak knees when looking down from the terrace to the ground, whereby the fascination of the 360° world surpasses all fears.

With the help of VR gaming industry technology, it is also possible to interact with various objects in the home, allowing visitors to become even more immersed in the virtual world and experience an even greater wow effect. The ideal virtual showroom to demonstrate the service

The attention for the topic of Virtual Reality is still growing in almost all industries. As experts in high-end virtual reality, Responsive has been invited to various conferences and events since their first pioneering project to demonstrate their solution and report on the latest developments.

The people in charge at Ambiente Einrichtungskonzepte, who were already working with marty architektur, observed the developments and were quickly convinced: The detailed environment of the high-end VR application is the appropriate showroom to be able to impressively demonstrate their competences in consulting and conception of interior design and interior furnishing. By allowing their clients to interactively walk through the fully furnished show apartment in VR and experience the furnishings up close, they offer their clients real added value: namely, a preview to their service and a valuable confidence builder.

Ambiente's furnishings were modeled in 3D by Responsive or existing ones were optimized for VR. By the way, this shows another highlight of VR: Objects and rooms are scalable and can be multiplied as often as desired. This is very interesting for companies that want to present many objects or machines in a real environment, but only have a limited showroom or trade show booth available.

VR on site or from home

Ambiente as well as Marty Architektur are already successfully using the virtual world on site. Ambiente, for example, invited guests to a grand opening in Rapperswil on Friday, November 10. Without exception, all guests were enthusiastic about the opportunity to escape from the autumnal wet and gray weather into the virtual world and enjoy the sun's rays on the terrace there. The real application with the detailed interior design was thus praised several times. With the demo version, which can be downloaded from Responsive's website, the application is also possible from home; provided are a powerful computer and a VR headset. (pd)

Responsible at Ambiente Furnishing Concepts: Fredy Hörler (owner), Christa Hörler (owner), Lorena Diem (interior designer). Responsible at Marty Architecture: Ivan Marty (Owner & Managing Director). Responsible at Responsive: Tuan Nguyen and Patrik Marty (both Managing Partners).

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