"Switzerland Second" is the most popular Youtube video of the year

Youtube has published the list of the most popular videos in Switzerland.


The #everysecondcounts movement, initiated by the Netherlands and organized by Jan Böhmermann, was THE YouTube event of 2017 in this country. The Dutch satirical show "Zondag met Lubach" created a video to appeal to Trump to at least be allowed to be number two - as is well known, "America first! In Trump style, the country is described in a flippant way. The film, which is even represented twice in the top 10 in Switzerland (original / edited with subtitles), triggered a movement in which countries from all over the world participated. The contributions were published on the site Everysecondcounts.eu collected. Objectively and pleasingly, Switzerland definitely made one of the best contributions. Dominic Deville and his SRF show "Deville Late-Night" are behind the film "Switzerland Second. The YouTube clip has been viewed over 12 million times to date and is probably the most successful Swiss production on the video portal.

Three times in the top 10 is Julien Bam. With over four million subscribers, he is one of the most successful Youtubers in Germany. He seems to have many fans in this country as well. His videos enjoy the reputation of being elaborately produced and of high quality. This is not a matter of course, because many successful Youtubers get their clicks with much less production effort (beauty videos, let's plays, pranks, shopping hauls, reaction videos, life hacks, reviews, unboxing, vlogs, etc.). Julien Bam recently caused a stir by disclosing his income - previously a taboo subject. By the way: In Germany, Julien Bam is represented six times in the top 10.

Somewhat difficult to explain without the help of Youtube statistics is the top position of the film "Given & Stolen" (number 6) - Google does not provide any conclusive evidence why the video should have been so popular in Switzerland. Likewise the number 8 ("Johny Johny Yes Papa")... who has clicked this million times - and why? Please report. Some trends seem to pass by silently... (hae)

1. Switzerland Second

2 The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

3rd Songs in Reallife - Drop Mobile Phone - Julien Bam

4. Germany second - Neo Magazin Royale with Jan Böhmermann

5th Songs in Real LIfe - Yogurt - Julien Bam

6. given & stolen by Igor Vereshchagin

7. ping pong trick shots 3 - dude perfect

8 Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhyme - Party 3

9. even voorstellen aan Trump - Zondag met Lubach (S06)

10th Songs in Real Life - New Tattoo - Julien Bam

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