A bird's eye view of Zurich: Why go far...

How well do you know Zurich? The website dearzurich.com, designed by Y7K Digital Agency, shows 41 places from a bird's eye view-and that it's not always necessary to travel to the other side of the world to discover new places.


The Website takes you right back to summer. People splash around in the lake, children play soccer and bankers whiz around Zurich's most beautiful places on their bikes. It's hard to imagine that anyone would want to miss this time.

Nevertheless, Zurich residents are gripped by the travel bug anew every summer. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BfS) and the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE), every Swiss person flies almost 9,000 kilometers a year. Although the serious consequences for our planet have now reached most people.


Sure, it's fun to travel to distant lands and discover new places. But aren't there quite a few wonderful places in close proximity waiting to be explored? Dearzurich.com offers visitors this opportunity and wants to inspire them to forego a flight and instead discover their own surroundings in a new way.

Responsible at Y7K Digital Agency: Ruben Feurer, Robert Krieg, Joris Noordermeer, Yves Sinka, Maximilian Speidel, Pablo Nouvelle, Kevin Hoegger

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