Finding gifts with the smartphone and "eedi

With the chatbot "eedi", launches an innovative solution that revolutionizes the gift search. From now on, "eedi" supports the customers of with targeted questions to quickly find a suitable gift or a small attention - and that very practically via the smartphone.


Just in time for the start of the Christmas business, the Gift went live with its chatbot "eedi", a practical, virtual solution. The implementation is unique in this form so far and thus further strengthens the leading position of as the gift expert in Switzerland.

Chatbot "eedi" makes the selection very easy based on ready-made answers. Annoying typing effort is completely eliminated. With its ready-made answers, "eedi" deviates from the classic text input chatbot. It impresses with conceptually mature needs queries that enable over a million different combinations so that the user can find a gift that is perfectly tailored to the recipient.

The virtual advisor makes suggestions for various occasions such as weddings, births and christenings, for example, has ideas that precisely match the selected character traits of the recipient, or quickly finds suggestions for small gifts.

"Chatbot 'eedi' is a proprietary development of and sees itself as a virtual advisor in the gift search. Chatbots can generally cope with the complexity of user needs better than a static website. The innovation of 'eedi' lies in the interaction of precise, sequential questions, the latest technologies and personal communication that leads the customer directly to the perfect gift," says Maud Hoffmann, CEO of

Chatbot "eedi" is a new service from to interact with customers and respond to their input. The project "eedi" was implemented in the modern spirit of "Customer Centric Design". Extensive data analysis, surveys and interviews shaped the conception phase. The prototype was improved over several iterations and with the continuous inclusion of customer feedback.

"eedi" can be flexibly expanded at any time thanks to its modular structure and versatile basic logic. The technical solution provides a solid foundation for further expanding "eedi" in the future with artificial intelligence, such as text and speech recognition, and thus further refining the interaction with the customer. Integration into existing messenger services such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger is also possible at any time.

Involved in the development of "eedi" were: Maud Hoffmann, Managing Director, Sabrina Schmid, Project Management, Yves Lüthi, Head of IT.

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