Web relaunch for credit card provider Viseca Card Services

With the new web presence, the issuer of credit cards offers comprehensive information and services. Maxomedia worked with a variety of partners for the new website.


Order a new credit card or log into the personal customer account VisecaOne? Maxomedia merged processes for private and business customers on Viseca.ch. Users can now access various services via a digital hub.

Successfully collaborated

Maxomedia implemented the project with a large number of internal and external stakeholders, as Bernhard Herzig, CEO of Maxomedia and overall responsible, reports: "In addition to the in-house IT of the Aduno Group, to which Viseca also belongs, agencies from the areas of SEO, analytics, design and frontend were involved. Thanks to efficient co-working with our partners, we were able to successfully bring all the pieces of the puzzle together in the end."


The new website was captured in four languages, is based on Kentico's content management system, and interfaces with the VisecaOne digital service and the Aduno Group IT's Censhare asset management tool, allowing Viseca to manage images and FAQs with its existing solution.


Sabine Conzett, project manager at Viseca, would also like to emphasize the good cooperation: "The collaboration with Maxomedia was very pleasant and professional. Many interfaces and partners increased the complexity of this project, but Maxomedia always kept a calm head and gave us great support. We are very satisfied with the result."

Highest security for sensitive data

Since sensitive data is involved at the credit card institute, load balancers with several redundant servers ensure maximum security. For efficient content management, Maxomedia has optimized the content management process accordingly.

Responsible at Viseca: Sabine Conzett (Communication Manager Online Media), Karin Wüthrich (Head Online Marketing). Responsible at Maxomedia: Bernhard Herzig (overall responsibility), Lena Jaggi (project management), Christian Stampfli (technical manager), Andreas Schmid (backend), Jessica Odermatt (frontend), Stefan Kiener (frontend/backend), Laura Kistler (content). External partners: Design (Future Connection), Frontend (Atfront), SEO (Webrepublic), Analytics (schaetz cro).

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