Goldbach Media launches DOOH SynchScreen

With the new DOOH SynchScreen offer, Goldbach Media enables the linking of digital out-of-home and mobile advertising media. The first campaigns have already been successfully implemented.


DOOH SynchScreen combines DOOH and mobile. In addition to a DOOH ad, the corresponding mobile ad is also broadcast in a defined radius around the booked screen. Using re-targeting, the consumer can also be addressed again within a period of six hours after contact with the advertising medium. This generates more attention and a higher reach in a short time.

A first pioneer project has already been implemented with Unilever for Knorr. For the campaign "Znacht isch Suppe Zit", the combination of mobile and DOOH was cleverly used to engage consumers with a short quiz. In addition to quizzes, DOOH SynchScreen opens up many more possibilities for advertisers to creatively link campaigns on the two different media: transmitting coupons, showing the next point of sale or simply directing to a landing page.

"With DOOH SynchScreen, we enable our customers to easily increase the reach of their advertising media. Mobile and DOOH campaigns no longer have to be planned separately, but can be coordinated with one booking," explains Gabriel Blume, Sales Director of Goldbach Media. "We are pleased that the product is well received by customers and are currently working on new innovative campaigns."

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