Y7K realizes wild website for museum tours of #Letsmuseeum

The agency was allowed to let off steam: Y7K conceived and realized a website for the new provider of entertaining museum tours that you either love - or hate.


#Letsmuseeum wants to experiment, surprise and be a disruptor. Fittingly, Y7K has taken inspiration from Brutalist design style and created a crazy Website launched, which breaks conventions.


Behind the spinning images, squiggly fonts and emojis is a sophisticated backend with an integrated e-commerce solution. The booking system is individually tailored to #Letsmuseeum and contains important CRM functionalities for the startup. All website content is maintained in the same simple interface.

The MVP (minimum viable product) is continuously expanded and adapted to emerging needs. The agile approach avoids the construction of complex functionalities that do not generate any benefit for the users.

Responsible at #Letsmuseeum: Caroline Schlüter (project management), Rea Eggli (overall responsibility), Marc Rinderknecht (technical consulting). Responsible at Y7K: Ruben Feurer, Joris Noordermeer, Yves Sinka.

#letsmuseeum is initiated and made possible by Engagement Migros. As an innovation partner, the Migros Group's development fund supports pioneering projects that open up new audiences for museums.

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