Zurich wins over millennials with a virtual tour of its headquarters

For the first time, Zurich Insurance is using virtual reality for employer branding: applicants can interactively take a tour of the headquarters and learn more about Zurich as an employer.


Zurich Insurance is taking a new approach to employee recruitment in order to position itself as an attractive employer in the job market. Zurich is the first insurer in Switzerland to launch a "virtual reality tour" of its SkyKey headquarters in Zurich Oerlikon.

"This tour supports our efforts to attract the best talent to Zurich," says Markus Bechtiger, Head of Human Resources. "During the tour, they get to meet some of our employees who tell them what it's like to work for Zurich." The employees are authentic ambassadors for Zurich, he adds. Applicants get to use computers, tablets, smartphones or virtual reality goggles on Zurich.ch/virtualtour The virtual tour gives them a glimpse into the working world at Zurich. "Millennials in particular are very familiar with virtual reality thanks to videogames, and it is precisely them that we are addressing with this new opportunity," says Bechtiger.


Get to know Zurich all around

Applicants learn, among other things, which values are valued at Zurich, in which environment they would work, how Zurich promotes young talent, and also what benefits Zurich offers its employees. Thanks to 360-degree technology, potential employees can tour the offices, watch video statements from employees and learn about the work models Zurich offers. Zurich is promoting the "Virtual Reality Tour" over the next few months at graduate conferences at universities and specifically via online banners and social media. The campaign was created by FCB Zurich.


Responsible at Zurich: Priska Kaspar (Head Campaign & Project Management), Janine Wettstein (Senior Marketing Consultant), Mirko Paci (Digital Campaign Manager), Bernadette Haslam (Talent Acquisition Executive), Emilie Vetter (Recruiting Consultant HR Services Switzerland). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Flavio Meroni, Sören Schröder (Creative Direction), Kelsang Gope (Text), Olivia Schläpfer (Screendesign/Art Direction), Elgee Wee (CGI/Art Direction), Mateja Aleksic (Digital Art Direction), Theresa Thanscheidt (Senior Account Director), Julia Bommersheim (Project Management Digital Communication).

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