Ogilvy makes Durgol website shine

As part of Durgol's new brand positioning, Ogilvy Zurich redeveloped the website from layout to content to user guidance.


With Durgol, lime is no problem. Ogilvy Zurich expands on this principle on the website Durgol.com via various features. The focus is on the product finder, which enables visitors to find the right product for their limescale problem with just one click. In addition, customers are given the opportunity to report on their experiences with Durgol on the website. The website is geared more closely to the needs of consumers. Under the navigation point Descaling & Tips, for example, visitors can find out everything about limescale problems in the kitchen, bathroom and household and receive tips on how to remove limescale in the home. Another new feature is the integration of a social wall with all the latest Facebook posts.

The technical implementation was carried out by Ongoing with the CMS Typo3. From August, the new Durgol website will be available to visitors in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, as well as in an international version, and will be integrated into Durgol's current brand and communication presence.

Responsible at Düring: Andreas Hunte (Director Marketing / R&D, International Sales and Member of the Executive Board Düring), Sandra Hellmann (Senior Product Manager). Responsible for concept, design and content at Ogilvy: Thomas Bolliger (Creative Direction), Karl Badde, Karin Rohner (Design), Marcel Elsener (Text), Sam Hug (Consulting). Responsible for programming and technical implementation at Ongoing: Michael Müller (project management), Kevin Thalmann (web developer).

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