Feed-based advertising turns the store into an advertising tool

The Swiss performance marketing provider Converto launches a brand new genre in the digital marketing sector with "Feed Based Advertising". With feed-based advertising technologies, any retail or e-commerce becomes an advertising tool.


Thanks to feed-based advertising, stores can advertise individual products or offers from their product range directly and in a targeted manner on over 300 Swiss premium websites. Converto has developed the "Feed Master Engine" for this new type of digital marketing. According to Converto, the result is efficient, product-based marketing of the latest generation.

Store becomes an advertising tool

After two years of preparatory work, Converto on Wednesday unveiled its new digital marketing tool: the Feed Master Engine. This newly developed technology uses the product assortment of an existing online or offline store as a basis for product-based advertising campaigns, so it transforms any store into an effective advertising tool. Advertisers can promote their own products and offers directly and specifically in Converto's publisher pool of over 300 high-quality Swiss websites, such as Blick, GMX and Likemag. The Feed Master Engine generates a customized banner ad for each individual user, transforming any product assortment into a dynamic digital showcase.

Feeds instead of banners and adversers

This new marketing channel is suitable for both retail and e-commerce. To run a feed-based campaign, advertisers only need a digital product catalog (online catalog or webshop). No banners or adversers are needed anymore, just "feeds". Using the Converto Feed Master Engine, advertisers can automatically import feeds of individual products with information on price, color, availability, etc. and advertise them specifically in the connected Swiss publisher network with a single mouse click. Matching smart themes with placeholders for products and branding elements can be created for each individual target group. During ad delivery, these smart themes are dynamically combined with the selected products. Feed-based campaigns are therefore like a campaign with a thousand different ads, a customized banner for each potential customer.

Advertisers get a login where they can not only control their feed based campaigns themselves, but also view live reports and statistics.


According to customer feedback, the main advantages of feed-based advertising are the individual control of the campaign at product level and the faster, or live, time-to-market. Advertisers can decide for themselves at any time which products and offers should be advertised when, where and to which target group, so they can adapt their offers to inventory requirements or the weather, for example. Advertisers such as Interdiscount, Melectronics, Microspot.ch, Mooris, and Tchibo are already using feed-based advertising as an additional marketing channel, according to a statement.


Matteo Schuerch, founder and CEO of Converto explains where the vision of Feed Based Advertiser comes from: "Larger and smaller advertisers are looking for ways to communicate efficiently with existing and new customers. In recent years, the market has tended to focus on innovation in ad delivery. Technologies that enable intelligent (or data-driven) and automated delivery of media bookings, keyword Programmatic Advertising, have grown rapidly. The Feed Based Advertising discipline now enables advertisers for the first time to leverage this efficiency for the content and design of their advertising. Static and complex banner creation is no longer necessary, instead existing feed information is simply used."

For the presentation of Feed Based Advertising Converto has created the site Feed-based-advertising.com created.

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