SP Canton Zurich and 70 sections share new website

Y7K designed and implemented an adaptive and accessible website for the SP Kanton Zürich and its 70 sections.


A uniform appearance, maximum user-friendliness and an intuitive and easy-to-use content management system for the new website of the SP Canton of Zurich and its 70 sections - these were the brief but highly demanding requirements that Y7K received at the end of last year. Prior to this, the agency had successfully prevailed over nine competitors in a public tender.

The solution, which has now been presented, seems as simple as it is good: there is now only one web page. Depending on the selected section, however, its content adapts. For example, if a user selects the Stäfa section, the cantonal website is supplemented with the content of the Stäfa section and the Meilen district.


The advantages are obvious: only one page has to be maintained, users do not have to switch between canton, district and section pages, but find everything on one page and if a section has only little content of its own, the page is still not empty, but is fed with content from the canton.

In addition, the new solution has a positive effect on search engine rankings, since all traffic now goes through one domain and is not wasted on 70 independent, sometimes irregularly maintained pages.

Design-wise, Y7K focuses on a clean layout, concise fonts and maximum usability: the website is barrier-free, 100 percent responsive and complicated political jargon has been replaced with easy-to-understand terms and representations.

Responsible at Y7K: Ruben Feurer, Robert Krieg, Gabriella Kovács, Yves Sinka. Responsible at SP Canton Zurich: Patrick Tscherrig.

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