"Send a Hug": Responsive sends sweet anniversary greetings for Hug

Hug has come up with a special surprise to mark its 140th anniversary. Under the motto "Send a Hug", customers can use the codes found on the promotional packs to have Hug send their loved ones a personal "hug" (Hug).


They will send a total of 40,000 Hugs this year, consisting of a beautiful, selectable tin box, HUG Guezli and a greeting card that can also be selected.


Starting in February 2017, customers will find codes on all excellent Hug promotional packs (while stocks last), which they can enter on the Hug website. With just one code, participants can send someone a personalized greeting card with a special Hug boexli for free. Hug sends out at least 140 Hugs per day.

Senders can choose between different card subjects designed by Responsive. Matching the subjects, there is a selection of sayings, all of which have to do with the theme of embracing. In the case of the Blech-Böxli, also designed by Responsive, participants can choose between four different subjects from the different eras since Hug has been in existence. The Hug-Böxli also contains two Hug classics: two Hug Amandes and two Hug Nuss-Härzli for that special Chnusper greeting.

Responsive laid the foundation for numerous high involvement promotions with the relaunch of Hug's websites in 2015. "Send a Hug" has also been integrated into Hug's full-responsive website. Since 2011, Responsive has been the first and only agency in Switzerland to focus on high involvement consumer promotions: on-pack with sweepstakes, loyalty programs and games. From conception to implementation, everything is 100 percent Swiss Made, as all benchmarks are completely developed and realized in-house.



Responsible at Hug: Mike de Bever (Head of Consumer Marketing), Mellina Zimmermann (Product Manager), Adriana Kormann (Junior Product Manager). Responsible Responsive: Tuan Nguyen and Patrik Marty (both Managing Partner).

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