Fast Christmas ride

Instead of simply sending customer gifts, Responsive invites customers and partners to a fast-paced Christmas drive where they can choose their own gift right away.


With gamification, the application of game principles in a normally not very playful environment, Responsive combines the fascination with games with entrepreneurial goals. The agency, which specializes in high-involvement promotions and high-end virtual reality, has thus developed and implemented an entertaining sweepstake on its own behalf for Christmas. Although the sweepstakes is used as a special corporate client gift, anyone can participate.


On the fast-paced Christmas roller coaster, Rudi the reindeer rides with Santa Claus through a picture-perfect landscape. The two are armed with virtual reality goggles to draw attention to Responsive's new additional core competency. Besides such detailed graphic elements, the game additionally surprises with humorous audio effects.

Participants intuitively control the speed of the cute duo by clicking or tapping the screen. All they have to do is make sure not to lose any packages or to collect additional ones. The latter is done by hovering over the logos of Responsive's customers, who have thus been involved in the game along with the winning prizes.

The top three participants in the ranking as of Sunday, January 22, 2017 will win a Polar Activity Tracker. And places 5 - 10 will receive the prize they clicked on during registration from a range of attractive prizes from the Responsive customer portfolio. Playing several times is allowed and encouraged: The best score in each case will appear in the ranking.

Patrik Marty Managing Partner says of the concept: "Instead of simply handing our customers a Christmas present that they might not want anyway, this way they can choose one from our customer portfolio themselves. What's more, all the participants notice how quickly such an entertaining, intuitive game pulls at their sleeves."

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