Jung von Matt/Impact uses Bumper Ads

Swiss premiere: Jung von Matt/Impact and Swiss Post use Youtube Bumper Ads for the first time.


Swiss Post's private customer campaign enters its third round this year. More than 100 different advertising materials were produced to meet the needs of customers.

In the online campaign, each ad is appropriately targeted in terms of content. For example, there is a gaming spot that is displayed before game play tutorials and thus appeals to users interested in gaming. "We have to find the right form of addressing customers, especially on mobile devices. To do this, the advertising message and format must be perfectly matched to the user's usage situation. We can achieve this by adapting the message to contextual targeting and a format like the Bumper Ads," says Roger Renfer, Head of Marketing Communications Post.

The new bumper ads offered by Google on YouTube are ideal for this campaign logic. With a duration of six seconds, they are especially tailored to the mobile usage behavior of users. Normally, commercials on YouTube can be skipped after five seconds. Bumper ads cannot be skipped, but they also last only one second longer.

Swiss Post and Jung von Matt/Impact are now using this form of snackable ad for the first time in Switzerland. Booking logic and content were designed for the new advertising format.

Patrick Warnking, Country Director Google Switzerland, welcomes the intelligent use of the new Youtube advertising medium in the Post campaign: "We are delighted that Swiss Post and Jung von Matt/impact are using the new Youtube advertising format of six-second bumper ads for their brand positioning on Youtube, and we are all very positive about its success."

The success is also reflected in the branding metrics, which are evaluated in real time by means of online surveys. Advertising recall and brand sympathy increase disproportionately compared to campaign benchmarks for these values. (pd/hae)

Responsible at the post office: Roger Renfer (Head of Marketing Communications), Raphaela Brühlmeier (Marketing Communications Specialist), Cornelia Büchler (Digital Advertising). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Impact: Dominik Habermacher (Managing Partner).

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