Social Media Tool Report 2016

Goldbach Interactive has once again analyzed numerous social media tools this year as a guide for companies.


This time, the focus is moving away from pure monitoring tools towards holistic social media management solutions. For the current tool report, comprehensive social media management tools were analyzed for the first time, i.e. solutions that cover functionalities for publishing and community engagement in addition to monitoring and analytics. According to the press release, Goldbach Interactive is thus responding to the relevant market developments and the changing needs of companies. Goldbach Interactive invited a total of 180 tool providers to take part in the study. Functional categories such as publishing, engagement, social account analytics, earned media monitoring & analytics and usability were evaluated. As every year, the tool report provides a list of the top 10 solutions analyzed as well as a description of the best tools in each category. Detailed information on market developments and trends is also included in the report.

The tool report does not claim to be exhaustive. Rather, it offers guidance in an increasingly complex market. There is a large selection of solutions and a wide range of functions on offer. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies to find the right tool for social media management. Here for the full Social Media Tool Report 2016.


Responsible at Goldbach Interactive Switzerland: Stephanie Wörmann (Head of Social Media), Dominique Lauber (Consultant Social Media), Anwar Assaad (Consultant), Marek Zdarsky (Art Director).

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