Twitter receives more deletion requests

Twitter is receiving more and more official requests to delete content. In the first half of 2016, 4434 such requests were received from government or police agencies.


This is 13 percent more than in the previous six months, as the company announced in its transparency report on Wednesday. By far the most of these interventions came from Turkey with 2493 and from Russia with 1601. These requests to delete content would have related to a total of 20,594 Twitter accounts; in 15,195 cases, the group had not complied with the requests. According to the company, these requests were typically justified by the fact that content violated legal regulations in the countries concerned. Accordingly, only 98 requests for deletion came from the USA, of which only one was implemented. However, the U.S. led the way in requests for detailed information about Twitter accounts. The country asked Twitter for more detailed information on 2520 accounts in the first half of the year and received it in 82 percent of cases, Twitter said. Most U.S. requests had come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. intelligence agencies and the New York attorney general's office, it said. (SDA)

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