All good things come in threes

It's that time again: The election for "Advertiser of the Year" is coming up. For the 41st time, Werbewoche will award the "Egon" trophy on April 12. It remains to be seen who will succeed Dennis Lück. And will be decided by you, among others.


The selection of nominees has been made. It was determined by the "Advertiser of the Year" jury on February 13. As the group of jurors physically present was more compact than last year due to absences for skiing vacations and other excuses, we actually assumed that agreement would be reached quickly.

One was not. Instead, an extremely committed and at all times objective discussion developed. Among the participants were the last two title holders, Dennis Lück and Thomas Wildberger. For two and a half hours, they argued, debated and reduced the number of candidates proposed by the jury members to around 30.

The innovation initiated by former Werbewoche editor-in-chief Anne-Friederike Heinrich in 2015 of having a jury select the candidates has definitely proven its worth.

The 14-member jury will therefore be given even more weight this year: At the same time as the public online voting among Werbewoche (newsletter) subscribers, each jury member will also decide on one candidate. The verdicts of the jury and readers will be equally weighted in the final decision. After the election, Werbewoche will publish the percentage of votes received by the winner.

We are already looking forward to and for the winner.

We are pleased to present three candidates who cover different areas of the versatile and multi-layered advertising industry. Pascal Deville and Daniel Zuberbühler have co-founded agencies in the recent past and are shaking up the market with them - and its cards anew.

Friendly greetings with Pascal Deville has moulted within a very short time from celebrated newcomer to established player with claims. At the same time, however, he has never abandoned his fresh, cheeky interpretation of creativity. Together with his partners, Deville is one of the players currently influencing, challenging and co-determining the Swiss advertising industry - a good and due reason to nominate him as "Advertiser of the Year".

Sir Mary with Daniel Zuberbühler represents a generation of young agencies that do everything differently in an increasingly complex digital world. Thinking everything differently. And with success: Sir Mary won numerous renowned clients within a very short time in a difficult market environment. Not only, but also thanks to Zuberbühler, who as a consultant represents an elementary part of the agency world that is otherwise rather underrepresented in the race for the "Advertiser of the Year".

Last but not least, Livio Dainese is an almost "old acquaintance" in the race for this year's Egon. For the third time in a row. But the jury didn't put him up out of a sense of routine. But because Wirz has shone more creatively in recent years than it has in a long time. With Dainese at the helm. And so one of the classic, big names of the Swiss agency landscape is also in the running to soon have the "Advertiser of the Year" in its own ranks.

No matter who wins: We are already looking forward to and for the winner. All three would represent their industry in their own likeable way for a year.

Thomas Häusermann, Editor-in-Chief a.i. Werbewoche

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