Blues Brothers 17th Birthday

On August 20, the agency at the airport in Altenrhein celebrated one of its legendary parties again. This year the motto was "Blues Brothers".

And so, suitably styled brothers and sisters drifted along in droves with their bluesmobiles. With fat rock'n roll and cool drinks, there was divine partying until the early hours of the morning.
The dress code was clear: whiskers, glasses, hat and black suit.
(from left to right) Priska Koller, Monika Koller, Mathias Koller and Walter Koller, all from PRO4S & Partner GmbH.
(from left to right) Marc Künzle, Collection Hutter; Mathias Todt, redIT; Johannes Hasenfratz, SYMA-SYSTEM AG.
The crew of the agency at the airport for once as brothers and sisters.
(from left to right) Gabi Stieffel, Rüegg-Naegeli AG; Alex Bayer, Vision Studios, Stefan Stieffel, Rüegg-Naegeli AG.
(from left to right) Daniel Jacob, Griesser AG; René Eugster, Agentur am Flughafen.
(from left to right) Sonja Raths; Robert Raths, Mayor of Thal.
(from left to right) Rolf Müller and Markus Oegerli, both Matttenbach AG.
(from left to right) Filippo Zanchi, Trendcommerce Group; Antonella Amicabile, Focus Management Consulting; Thomas Langenegger, Trendcommerce Group.
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