Publisuisse Mediavision 2010: The pictures of the event

More than 400 visitors came to the Publisuisse Mediavision 2010 last Tuesday, where this year's information event was dedicated to the theme "innovative.creative.effective".

In a presentation, Kjell Nordström described the benefits of capitalism. Capitalism itself, Nordström said, was not responsible for the crisis. It only separates the efficient from the inefficient companies. In a short intermezzo, Roman Tschäppeler and Mikael Krogerus explained the world to the audience in three strokes. Martin Schneider, Director of Publisuisse, gave a presentation on the efficiency of TV advertising and sponsorship. Schneider concluded that TV advertising and sponsorship help to build up a brand and still have a positive effect on the brand image even after several years. Former RTL boss Helmut Thoma ventured a look into the future: It will bring nothing to be afraid of. Because even in the digital age, viewers remain people. And people do not change. Cornelia Boesch, presenter of the SF "Tagesschau", led through the afternoon.

Martin Schneider (Head of Publisuisse)

Martin Schneider (Head of Publisuisse)

Helmut Thoma (former head of RTL)

Kjell Nordström

Roman Tschäppeler and Mikael Krogerus

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