Shortlist: The day of advertising

The day that every advertiser marks thickly on the calendar has a simple name: Advertising Day. It is a day when members of the association meet to exchange ideas, pass resolutions and discuss bans. This year it took place in Chur.

The day that every advertiser marks thickly on the calendar has a simple name: Advertising Day. It is a day when members of the association meet to exchange ideas, draw resolutions and argue about bans. This year it took place in Chur, which with its 5000 years of settlers is the oldest Swiss city. The day of the General Assemblies - as the event could also be called - was marked by changes and changes.
Advertising on your own behalf
From now on, Stefan Wyss, editorial director at the trade journal itself, will take over the Comm-on-Steuer, while Christian Staub will take over his previous position as co-president. The latter now wants to step back because of the large amount of work that the position entails. At the SAWI AGM, there was also talk of stepping down. Hans-Peter Rohner, as former president, looked back on the 40-year history of the marketing school, which is made up of supporting and individual associations. He spoke of the "great competition" that SAWI has faced since its founding. In spite of its fellow campaigners, however, it has been able to continue to exist up to the present day. The withdrawal from the sponsorship of Swiss Advertising (SW) and the Swiss Marketing Club (SMC) was also discussed. Rohner considered this to be "new but clarifying for the school, because the new distance makes it more independent in the market. The former president was clearly relieved when he announced that the economic environment for SAWI had improved. As a result, it had been able to reduce old burdens in the past year. According to the auditors, the turnaround had even been successful. Speaking of a successful turnaround, Otto Meier was confirmed as Hanspeter Rohner's successor, as had been assumed. Four SAWI students then beat the advertising drum for the school. On stage, they extolled its qualities and advantages. Among them was a certain Dwayne Toyloy, who, as it turned out, is the father of the reigning Miss Switzerland. What a coincidence.
In May everything is new
Swiss Advertising also made a change at its general meeting. Carlo Schmid-Sutter will step down at the next general meeting in 2010. His successor, Council of States member Filippo Lombardi, will take over the chairmanship of the association. Those present thanked both with relieved smiles and abundant applause. From now on, advertising figurehead Frank Bodin will grace the SW Board with his accession, and will do so for the next three years. So will Christian Kauter, who is in charge of APG's fortunes. The SW elected him as another member of the board. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the meeting in person. I wonder if it was so late at the APG Posternight, which took place the night before. Urs Schnider, the former editor-in-chief of Media Trend Journal, is moving to SW to take over Piero Schäfer's post as head of communications. We wish him good luck and success.
Media fight for the trust of readers and viewers
And the best for the end: Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf took the stage as a political heavyweight - even if her stature seems rather dainty - and addressed clear words to those present: Several studies showed that the population did not quite trust the media. As a politician, she was anything but pleased about this fact. The consumer is extremely important, she said, and the media, which form the fourth estate, have a responsibility to the state. Whether the Federal Councillor's clear message has had any effect will probably be seen next year at the latest. That is, when Advertising Day 2010 takes place.
(Text: Adriana Zilic, Photos: Elisabeth Real)

Reto Rüedi, most loyal Comm-on member, Alessandra Finazzi, board member Comm-on, and Rolf Ruch of Raverta Marketing (from left).

Michèle Leibacher (l.), a Comm-on board member for four years, and Kim Osinga, also a board member.

Frank Bodin (l.), new SW board member, with Peter Leutenegger, outgoing board member.

Urs Schnider (l.), newly responsible for SW communications, with former SAWI president, Hans-Peter Rohner.

Councillor Martin Schmid, Federal Councillor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, and Carlo Schmid, SW President (from left).

René Hürrlimann (l.), SAWI Honorary President, with Otto Meier, new SAWI President.

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