Shortlist: The photos of the ASW General Assembly

Once again this year, the ASW came up with something special for its general meeting. The advertising agency association invited its members after the regular AGM to a Farmers' Olympics including a gourmet buffet at the Jucker Farmart. Below you can see the report and pictures.

General Assembly and Farmers' Olympics
For this year's General Assembly, the Alliance of Swiss Advertising Agencies, or ASW for short, had its members trotted out to the Jucker Farmart. Diligent shortlist readers will have noticed that this was already the second event after the SAWI anniversary to be held at the Rapperswil farm. Some ASW guests had to take a longer drive for this, but were rewarded with a breathtaking view of the small but beautiful Lake Pfäffikon right after arrival. However, before one could enjoy, stroll and feast, the "Büez" was on the agenda in the form of a Farmers' Olympics.
Nailing for all it's worth
With enthusiasm, the participants got down to the business of cow milking, sack hopping, archery, estimating or nailing - in fact, this is just a peasant Olympic discipline. True to the motto: the dumbest farmers reap the biggest potatoes. In the case of the Olympic participants, they harvested pasta and sausages from the farm's own production, which were given as prizes. After so much effort, some of them threw in the towel early to sit down at the richly set tables.
Farmers meal
The ASW really did lay it on thick again with the food. There was grilled food of all kinds and a large, hearty salad buffet, in front of which long queues regularly formed. Few could resist the sight of so many delicacies, and despite their full bellies, they kept on scooping.
An irresistible advertising agency
ASW President Michael Waldvogel and Board Member Benno Frick also couldn't resist. Namely the agency Blu AG Design und Kommunikation, which they "simply had to accept as a new ASW member". One of the reasons they gave for their acceptance was the humane rule that Blu employees are not allowed to work overtime. Waldvogel and Frick personally visited the advertising agency in Altdorf, Uri. The two were also impressed by the "beautiful" Suworow House, which is home to Blu. It even has a small church. It can be visited for various purposes: To pray to the Almighty for more advertising orders in these difficult times, or to be accepted into the illustrious circle of the ASW.
(Text and photos: Adriana Zilic)

Peter and Ursi Grob from the ASW office.

Michael Waldvogel, ASW President, Irene Denzler, Blu AG Design and Communication, and Benno Frick, ASW Board Member (from left).

View of the Pfäffikersee.

Kurt Wettstein (l.), WVC Communication, and Roger Hausmann, Schreiberwerkstatt.

Felix Brunner, Image Point, Oliver Egli and Gustav Ahmsti, both from Ringier (from left).

Marco Cattarozzi, Grafisches Forum Zürich, with Tania Quispe from Peter Droz, advertising agency for SMEs.

Christa Allenspach, Spot Promotion, with Thomas Obrist, Brogle Druck.

Jörg Suter, Werbeagentur Suter, Jacob F. Santschi, JC&Partners Werbeagentur, Jean-Joseph Monnin, JJM Monnin Communication & PR Consulting, Raffaello Giorgio, Publisuisse (from left).


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