Shortlist: The photos of Publisuisse Mediavision

Last Tuesday, Publisuisse presented what awaits us in marketing, communication and media in the future at its Mediavision 2009, where trend researchers and other experts revealed whether, and if so in which area, a turnaround is to be expected. All presentations are now available on the Publisuisse website.

There is not enough space or time to describe the content of every presentation - only this much: The best came at the end: Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel is a lecturer at the University of St. Gallen. He was the last speaker to report on the multimedia offerings of companies.
In his speech, he revealed to the auditorium that games on corporate websites can attract an audience that is almost impossible to reach by other means. Entertainment opportunities form an anchor that allows the company to attract a specific target group. The secret to this is child's play to unravel: If the customer has the chance to participate and help shape things, he or she will automatically take a greater interest in the company and its products. In addition, this approach offers an excellent opportunity to establish important customer contacts. Because if a company has a website with functioning content, it can assume that the website will also function in the future, according to Schögel's thesis.
According to Schögel, it is important to test different strategies, true to the motto "The proof of the pudding is in the eating. He also welcomed the idea of testing advertising virally on the Internet first before directing it as a real campaign to those being canvassed.
However, the lecturer raised his finger in warning on the subject of advertising on networking portals such as Facebook or XING. Members use them to exchange ideas with like-minded people and not to buy products and services. Networks are a refuge where members want to be undisturbed.
(Text: Adriana Zilic, Photos: Elisabeth Real)

From now on all presentations as well as further picture material are available on the Publisuisse website available.

Walter Bachmann, Swiss Television, Martin Schneider, Head of Publisuisse, and Rafael Enzler, Switzerland Tourism (from left).

Andreas Sedmak, Euro RSCG, and Tamara Sedmak, moderator.

Georg A. Hildebrand, Habegger, Card Reader, and Ratna Irzan, Ringier (from left).

Oliver Bank (l.) and Oliver Bindel, both from Hilcona.

Alexandra Delvenakiotis, Jacobs Foundation, and Christoph Bürge, KSB / Springer & Jacoby.

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