Shortlist: The photos of the SAWI anniversary celebration

A school has been doing school for 40 years. SAWI, the forge of marketing, sales, advertising and communication professionals, celebrated its anniversary at the Juker Farmart in Rapperswil-Jona.

A school makes school
A school has been doing school for 40 years. SAWI, the forge of marketing, sales, advertising and communications professionals, celebrated its anniversary at the Juker Farmart in Rapperswil-Jona. The educational institution took the liberty of equating its founding in 1969 with equally historic events such as Yoko Ono and John Lennon's wedding, Neil Armstrong's first visit to the moon or the Watergate affair surrounding US President Richard Nixon. This can be accepted (with a wink). After all, the school has been turning ignorant laymen into clever foxes for around 40 years, who are allowed to call themselves illustrious "Consultants in Corporate and Marketing Communication", for example. If you want something simpler, you can also acquire the title "Marketing Manager".
Unimpressed guests
The celebration itself will hardly go down in history. Reason: lack of party mood of the invited. Because they just couldn't warm up to the sounds of the trumpets and horns of the middle-class police music of the city of Zurich, which provided acoustic entertainment. Or at least tried to. The few guests who were in a good mood made their way home early in the evening. It was a pity about the effort the SAWI had made to prepare the rustic area. The layout of the festival area revealed that a lot of work and attention to detail had gone into it.
Anniversary party aka "Grümpelturnier"
Admittedly, some people might have been reminded of a neighbourhood tournament by the fact that they could only get their food and drink by handing in their vouchers (everyone received two for food and three for drinks). The benches, raffle and the food selection, which consisted of veal sausages including Büürli as well as Hörnli with minced meat and apple sauce, may have reinforced this impression.
Klapproth, the tamer
Only moderator Stephan Klapproth was able to animate the loud guests, who were still chattering away during the speech of the former president of SAWI, Hans-Peter Rohner, to listen calmly. The excited "10vor10" presenter led the panel discussion, in which SAWI Director Pia Kasper and honorary professors took part.
SAWI teaches many things. Unfortunately, not yet the acquisition of party mood. Because this would have certainly given the hearty and thoroughly successful anniversary celebration a history-making conclusion.
(Text and photos: Adriana Zilic)

Torsten Tomczak, SAWI professor, Hans-Peter Rohner, former SAWI president, and Marcus Schögel, SAWI professor (from left).

Uwe Tännler, SMC President, with Pia Kasper, SAWI Director.

Moreno Cavaliere (l.), Publicitas, Otto Meier, SAWI President-designate.

Imagine: You're making music and no one is listening to you - Polizeimusik Stadt Zürich.

Fritz Märki, SAWI Honorary Member, Monika Luck and René R. Hürlimann, SAWI Honorary President (from left).

Harry Luis Eggimann, Harry Eggimann Consulting, Ulrich H. Moser, Conavest, and Jürg Siegrist, SAWI School Board (from left).

Panel discussion with Stephan Klapproth as moderator.

Sponsors: Fabienne Meyer, Urs Wohlgemuth and Juliana Hagmann, all from Fischer Papier (from left).

Urs Keiser, Mediaxis, wife Corinne Keiser, ladies' tailor, and Andy Hostettler, TBWA (from left)

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