Shortlist: The photos of the SAAM General Assembly

On Wednesday evening, a small crowd of members met for the General Assembly of the Association of Swiss Publishing Professionals. The motions were approved unanimously, and the agenda items were dealt with without any objections. All in all, a peaceful and speedy AGM.

The members of the Association of Swiss Publishing Professionals met last week at the Media Institute to confirm the new president and vice president. In addition, the upcoming agenda items were quickly discussed and the motions dutifully approved - a purely formal affair.
It was a peaceful and manageable gathering, more reminiscent of a family reunion than an ordinary AGM. At UBS, with its AGM held on the same day, one could only have dreamed of this.
Däni Allemann, who will be in charge of the SAAM from now on, and Josefa Haas, who will support him as vice president, were very happy. It was even greater when there was something for the physical well-being afterwards. Although there was not much to choose from, the tiny canapés and olives were all the better for it. When hunger and thirst were satisfied, the members, who turned out to be loyal supporters of VSV member Urs Schnider and his band, made a pilgrimage to his concert. He did not give this concert in honor of the AGM, but this did not dampen the mood.
(Text and photos: Adriana Zilic)

Josefa Haas, VSV Vice President, with Däni Allemann, VSV President designate.

Markus Will, Head of Reader Market NZZ and former SAAM President, Pascal Krattinger, Head of Services Reader Market NZZ, and Bruno Vonwil, Managing Director LZ Fachverlag (from left).

Urs Schnider (l.), Editor-in-Chief Media Trend Journal, with Ueli Custer, IGEM.

Eddie Lorenz, Baslerstab, and Francine Bruni, Axel Springer TV Magazines.

Roger Müller, Ringier, and Andrea Schaffner, Le Menu.

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